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SIG Announces Partnership with PeopleTicker for Global Salary and Labor Rate Benchmarking





This relationship gives SIG members access to PeopleTicker’s products and solutions, which provide procurement professionals with real-time labor rates to help them negotiate savings, increase retention and decrease time to fill.

PeopleTicker’s proprietary technologies provide procurement professionals, HR [...]

IFPSM World Summit in Barcelona


PeopleTicker featured at the IFPSM World Summit in Barcelona, September 18-19, 2015


Please join us in Barcelona as PeopleTicker takes the stage to talk about our new global platform for direct and contingent labor rates.


Morocco's fast-rising aviation industry spreads its wings

Morocco's fast-rising aviation industry spreads its wings

Morocco is undeniably becoming a strategic platform to address the African continent. An increasing number of global companies choose to step in, first in Morocco, to then gain a faster access to other African markets. Its geographic proximity to Europe, its political [...] Read More...

2015 IT Jobs Outlook: IT Pros In Demand

2015 IT Jobs Outlook: IT Pros In Demand

CompTIA survey shows IT executives want to hire more workers this year, but will face challenges in meeting their technical hiring goals.


The job prospects for IT professionals are good this year, if a recent survey is any indication. The poll [...] Read More...